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Causes of Paget’s Disease

October 10, 2018

What is Paget’s Disease?

Paget’s disease is a chronic disorder that can potentially create harmful complications for your bones. Side-effects of the disease can include mishapement of the bones and increased fragility, along with other potential issues. The primary threat that stems from Paget’s disease is that it hinders your body’s ability to recycle old bone tissue for new bone tissue, actually causing new bone to emerge faster than normal. Commonly, this disease can be difficult to track due to patient’s being unable to detect any symptoms. If symptoms do appear for a patient, typically they involve reported bone pain or discomfort. This pain may develop in specific areas of the body that customarily draw Paget’s disease. Some examples of these locations may include your pelvis, skull, spine, and legs. If you’re worried that you may be developing this disorder, contact your Rheumatologist in Manhattan over at New York Integrated Rheumatology for diagnosis and other pertinent assistance.

What Might Cause Paget’s Disease?

As previously mentioned, picking up on the symptoms relating to Paget’s disease isn’t always easily detectable. Since the symptoms aren’t readily picked up on, identifying what causes the problem can also be an onerous task. Understandably, fractures and other deformities may occur due to the bones becoming frail and softening. Your rheumatologist in Manhattan can investigate the broken bone to see if Paget’s disease may have been related to the injury.

It has been surmised that Paget’s disease could potentially be related to genetics, contributing to the disease being passed down through your family. Other theorized risk factors can include the following:

  • Age: Paget’s has revealed itself more frequently in older patients.
  • Sex: Typically, men have developed the disease at a slightly more regular rate as opposed to women.
  • Origin: Paget’s disease has been reported to populate more commonly for a European patient as opposed to those born in the United States.
  • Family: Hereditarily passing down the disease has created the theory that genetics are the common cause of the complication.
  • Nearly 30% of cases involve a situation where more than one member of the family has developed Paget’s disease.

Seeking Treatment

If you have a family history of Paget’s disease or are nervous about the discomfort you’ve been feeling lately in your musculoskeletal system, contact NYIR today for an appointment and consultation. Our Rheumatologist in Manhattan, Dr. Waseem Mir, can provide comprehensive and specialized care for your complication. Don’t force yourself to tough out the disease, seek treatment from Dr. Mir today and make life less strenuous for yourself.